Traveling in Style: Tips for Making Your Next Layover More Comfortable

By Megan Morrow
Published February 8, 2019

If travel plans necessitate a long layover somewhere along the way to your final destination, or bad weather or mechanical issues wreak havoc on your itinerary, you do not have to spend the day eating bad airport food and staring at the digital screen of flights hoping for a different result. Airports now offer more and more amenities for travelers to combat boredom and increase comfort while you wait.

Here are some ideas for a better travel experience during your next long layover:

  • Visit an airport lounge. For an average of about $50, you can buy a day-pass to many airport lounges, which may have amenities like food, quiet space to work, private restrooms, relaxation spaces, free Wi-Fi and even showers. You will need your boarding pass and government ID to enter. If your long layover is planned, you can often book lounges in advance through your airline or through programs such as LoungeBuddy.
  • Move your body. Supporting health and wellness, more airports now offer yoga or special workout rooms and walking paths so that you can do something healthier than sitting in an airport bar while you wait.
  • Learn how to save a life. With an initial pilot program in 2013, Hands-Only CPR training kiosks now exist in more than 30 locations across the world. Learn how to perform CPR with a touch screen video program, a practice session and a 30-second test.
  • Check out special amenities. Spas are common throughout airports and often offer everything from massages to pedicures, including express services. Airports are also getting more creative with offerings such as ice skating, movies, rooftop parties and live music. Look around and you might find a bourbon tasting or a pop-up shop selling the trendiest accessories. When you have the time, you can indulge in the variety of extra amenities now celebrated at many airports across the globe.
  • Take a nap. Ever heard of a “nap lounge?” If not, check out sleep pods at a growing number of locations. While some people prefer to check into an airport hotel to catch some zzz’s during a particularly long layover, travelers can also turn to sleeping sections or even special sleep chairs or padded benches designed for greater comfort. SleepinginAirports offers advice on the best places to rest while you are traveling.

Depending on your schedule and location, you might even choose to leave the airport for a few hours to visit a local site, enjoy a recommended restaurant or meet a friend; just make sure you allow plenty of time to return to the airport and go through security, again.

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