Tips for Better Sleep

By Megan Morrow
Published August 8, 2017

Adults need a solid seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and yet many of us struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep. Lack of sleep, however, is more than just tiring and frustrating – it can be dangerous to your health. Poor sleep is linked to everything from increased risk of depression to obesity, from diabetes to car accidents, according to “Sleepless in America” from National Geographic.

When we sleep longer and better, we live longer and better. Rested people have stronger relationships, better productivity and they even make more money, according to the documentary.

If you struggle with sleep – particularly in the summer when the sun is still shining in your room at night – the following tips can help you get some more restful zzz’s:

  • Be consistent. This tip can be a challenging one, but the more consistent your sleep schedule, the better your chances of getting a good night’s rest. Try to avoid staying up later on weekends and maintain a steady sleep and wake time throughout the year.
  • Find your routine and rhythm. Along the same lines, when you establish a regular bedtime routine, you remind your mind and body that it is time for sleep. Turn off TVs and tablets at least 30 minutes ahead of time and create a lulling routine that may incorporate washing your face and brushing your teeth, reading or meditating, and slowly winding down towards turning out the lights.
  • Use props. If you hear noise from the neighbors or street, consider purchasing a sound machine (or a sound app on your phone or tablet) to mask the distraction of external noise. Likewise, room-darkening curtains can help set the stage for sleep, no matter what the month. Some people also like to use eye masks and ear plugs to create a quiet, dark environment. Finally, make sure your bed and bedding are comfortable and something you look forward settling into at the end of the day.
  • Reduce water intake. If you are waking several times a night to use the bathroom, consider reducing your intake of liquids an hour or two before bedtime. While you do not want to go to extremes and dehydrate yourself, getting up and taking even a short walk can make it more difficult to get back to sleep.
  • Talk to a sleep specialist. Just as there are sleep experts for parents of babies who seem to wake every hour on the hour, there are sleep specialists for adults who can help you take a closer look at your particular challenges. If you believe you have disordered sleep or struggle with sleep on a regular basis, consider consulting an expert in sleep to learn strategies customized to your needs; make sure you share any medications you are taking, which can impact sleep.

A good night’s sleep feels good and it is incredibly good for you. Moreover, sleep is important at every age and stage in your life. If you aren’t already, make sleep a priority and you will enjoy the benefits of rest and rejuvenation for years to come.

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