Forget Retirement. Think Sims Entirement.

Four Reasons Your Planning Should Encompass Your Entire Family.

By Daniel J. Mullane, Managing Principal, HJ Sims
Published May 24, 2012

Retirement used to be referred to as the “Golden Years”. But now those years can last two, three, even four decades. Plus, for a growing number of people, retirement isn’t just about leisure; rather it’s a time to start their own businesses or get more involved in hobbies or charitable interests. At HJ Sims, we specialize in showing you how to plan for this new type of retirement, whether it’s for yourself, your parents, other family members or loved ones. We call it Sims Entirement. This means we not only look at the microcosm of our clients’ investments, individual lifestyles, goals and potential future needs—we consider the macrocosm of family and significant others, as well.

Our unique Sims Entirement focus evolved from the fact that for the past 45 of our 77 years in the bond industry, we have been a pioneer and leader in funding, owning and operating world-class senior living communities. In fact, we were the very first bond firm to finance a senior living community. This has given us a deep understanding of the challenges of both retirement and aging. These include:

  • What the stages of retirement can look like: from being active and on the go; to requiring assistance from a spouse, child or caregiver; to possibly needing 24-hour care.
  • What the lifestyle alternatives are in every stage, from aging in place in the family home to living in a continuing care community.
  • How the inevitable crises of aging can be managed and addressed.
  • What it all can cost.

This expertise makes us uniquely qualified to help our clients plan for the years ahead—for themselves, their parents, children, and grandchildren, as well as other loved ones.

How Does Sims Entirement Work?

The goal of approach is to enable us to manage your wealth to produce the income you need to finance your desired lifestyle and meet your goals for yourself and your loved ones, now and in the future. There are four reasons why this approach makes for better planning.

  1. Gives you a picture of how things stand now.

We begin by making complete assessment of where you are now. Of course, your current investment portfolio is an important part of this picture, but it also encompasses your lifestyle, your family, your health status.

For instance, do you have financial responsibilities beyond your own living expenses, such as funding education for your grandchildren or caregiving for your parents? If you or your spouse become ill or infirm, how will you get the assistance you need? Are you hoping to age-in-place in the family home? Move in with your children?  Enter a continuing care facility?

  1. Provides a roadmap of where you want to be.

Second, we explore your goals, aspirations, and anticipated needs in the future. Are you planning on living only on your investment income or will you be using up principal as well? Do you want to age in place in your own home or a retirement community? What about health status? Is there a family history of chronic illness that may require planning for continuing care?

  1. Helps you solidly and consistently generate real income.

Once we have a solid understanding of your goals and lifestyle, we’re ready to help you uncover the investment opportunities that are right for you. While we offer full spectrum investing, we place an emphasis on fixed income bonds that generate steady, tangible income and solid, dependable returns, including high yield, non-investment grade tax-free issues that have been uniquely crafted by our experts in the senior living, health care and education sectors.

  1. Delivers expertise, advice and crisis management, should you need it.

Because of our involvement in the senior living industry, HJ Sims is uniquely positioned to help you deal with the unforeseen crises that can befall an aging loved one—whether it’s evaluating living alternatives or finding the right continuing care facility in an emergency. I know this from personal experience. Shortly after joining the company, my father-in-law died unexpectedly. As he was my mother-in-law’s primary care giver, it became necessary to find a place for her immediately. Through a referral from Sims, my wife and I were able to quickly understand all of the choices, and which situation best met the needs of both my mother-in-law and our family. The result was quality care and attention for her and peace of mind for us all. We were also able to take action regarding the best way to invest in order to provide the income necessary to pay for that care. What a help!

Whether you’re planning for retirement, or already living it, it makes sense to consider the Sims Entirement approach to your family’s future. Learn more about how that can help you and your loved ones live the life that’s right for you.

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