Creative Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

By Megan Morrow
Published May 8, 2019

Celebrating the mother and/or father figures in your life is always a great idea, but we tend to give them some extra attention on Mother’s Day (coming up on May 12, and Father’s Day, held this year on June 16). Maybe, you are in a gifting rut or just want to try something different this year, regardless, your inventiveness will be appreciated by these very special people.

Following are several creative ideas to inspire your annual Mother’s and/or Father’s Day celebrations:

  • Think more experience, less stuff: Parents and partners often appreciate special family time more than another trinket. Rather than purchasing a gift this year, plan a family outing or experience for the memory books. You can prepare a gourmet picnic, fly a kite, visit an old-school arcade, paint pottery, see a game, go bowling, or participate in a 5K walk or run.
  • Make something: Make a homemade card. Make a cake or a meal. Make a plan to visit the gardening center. No matter the age, parents always appreciate handmade gestures, which are great for individuals or families on a budget. You can also create a tradition, such as a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day poem, hike or video.
  • Surprise: When was the last time you were truly surprised? Let your mom, dad or partner know that they are expected to be ready at a certain time for a day of surprise; let them know the attire and approximate timeframe and leave the rest to the imagination. You can take it to another level by creating a scavenger hunt or visiting a series of favorite family places throughout the outing or just keep it simple with brunch and a baseball game, for example. The element of surprise keeps things fresh and lets that person know that you cared enough to dedicate time to planning and sharing the surprise.
  • Get away: If the past year has been difficult or involved a loss, a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day getaway might be an uplifting option for everyone. You can go camping, drive to a nearby town you have wanted to visit or indulge in faraway travel. Seeing new sights and experiencing new things together can help you spark new and positive memories and set the scene for a wonderful celebration.
  • Continue the celebration: While Mother’s Day and Father’s Day offer a great opportunity for showing our love and appreciation throughout a particular day, the sentiment really should be shared throughout the year. Find ongoing ways – a handwritten note, flowers for no reason, a spur-of-the-moment outing – to let the moms and dads in your life know how much you care.
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