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Fixed Income Strategies in a Low Yield Market
February 03, 2012

Interest rates on tax-exempt bonds are among the lowest in history. While declining interest rates increase the prices for your current holdings, they depress the yields that an investor can earn on new bond purchases in this low yield environment.


Harrisburg and Jefferson County Bankruptcies are Old News
November 10, 2011

News of yesterday’s bankruptcy filing by Jefferson County Alabama, less than a month after Harrisburg Pennsylvania filed for bankruptcy, is sure to send shock waves to investors in the tax-exempt municipal bond market.


Fire in the Hole for Tobacco Bonds – Part 2
September 12, 2011

Since that report, it was reported that two other issues, Virginia and the Ohio Buckeye Tobacco bonds, will be forced to invade debt reserve funds in order to meet minimum interest and serial bond repayment requirements this year.


Fire in the Hole for Tobacco Bonds – Part 1
May 15, 2011

Tobacco Settlement cash flow declined again in 2011. Shipment declines in 2011, while not as severe as in 2010 from the 61 cent federal excise tax increase, continued to exceed expectations, declining by 4.93% as reported by the Tobacco Tax Bureau.


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