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How to Make Your Work More Meaningful
August 30, 2018

Not everyone has their dream job, but everyone can turn their current and future employment situation into something more meaningful and less mundane. These four tips can help make your 9-to-5 more impactful.


How to Plan a Great Last-Minute Vacation
August 23, 2018

With summer holidays and busy schedules, summer quickly passes. If you were busy playing and somehow that longed-for summer vacation did not materialize, never fear: There is always time to plan a getaway.


Should I Purchase a Timeshare?
August 16, 2018

You have likely been approached by a salesperson offering the finest in timeshare opportunities, and if you attend a presentation, you will be witness to breathtaking pictures of luxurious accommodations and folks enjoying the good life.


When Is An Independent Living Facility Not One?
August 14, 2018

The “donut hole” in HUD’s coverage of the senior housing and healthcare continuum is for unlicensed, rental independent living. HUD insures mortgage loans for skilled nursing and assisted living under the Section 232 program, but these unlicensed units are limited to no more than 25% of the total.


Glamping: When Glamour Meets Camping
August 09, 2018

What happens when you combine the glamour of a luxury vacation with a camping trip? The world of “glamping” (or glamourous camping) marries time in nature with greater creature comforts than the traditional camping trip typically affords.


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