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Happiness Happens Month Provides Opportunity to Focus on Difficult Feelings
June 14, 2018

With recent high-profile suicides and an increasing suicide rate throughout the United States, it is time to reflect and focus on feelings in all their forms, as well as overall mental health. Read for more tips on maintaining happiness and how to reach out for help.


Why You Should Learn Another Language
June 07, 2018

From brain power to confidence to communication, becoming bilingual can be challenging, but it can also be empowering. Read on to discover more about the benefits of expanding your mother tongue.


Reasons to Consider Early Retirement
May 31, 2018

Most people choose to retire in their 60s, however some choose to retire before then, considered “early retirement” (before the age of 65). There many reasons to continue working; here are some reasons to consider an early exit from work responsibilities.


Five Things to Remember about Memorial Day
May 24, 2018

First observed to honor Union soldiers who died fighting the Civil War, Memorial Day was originally called “Decoration Day”; it is now a national holiday of honor, reflection, and commemoration of the efforts and lives of soldiers from all wars.


“Crash Pads” for Seniors
May 17, 2018

Younger retirees often seek something much different than their older counterparts, particularly when it comes to living spaces. “Crash pad” lofts, “Green Homes” and college living are all becoming housing choices for younger retirees.


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