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How to Support Someone Who Has Lost a Baby
October 07, 2019

Every year on Oct. 15, people around the world light candles in honor of loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy or the loss of an infant. Read more to learn how to comfort those who have lost a baby.


Health Care and Retirement Planning: Health and Wealth are Closely Linked for Older Americans
September 30, 2019

New retirees often report being surprised by steep healthcare costs. If you have not given ample consideration to health care as a retiree, there is no time like the present to get started on these conversations and computations.


Fatigue and Older Adults
September 24, 2019

Some days, you may expect it—you caught up with friends at lunch, ran errands and stayed up late. However, some older adults struggle with ongoing fatigue that is not always easy to explain.


The Latest Food Trends in Honor of International Cooking Day
September 16, 2019

International Cooking Day encourages everyone to don an apron, peruse recipes and try something new. You might consider indulging in the latest food trends of 2019 to commemorate International Cooking Day on September 25.


Exercise at Age Eighty and Beyond
September 09, 2019

Recent studies indicate that seniors who have not exercised regularly at any point in their lives can still benefit significantly from adopting an exercise regimen. It is never too late to start to make a difference in your health.


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