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Social Security Full Retirement Age Changing in 2018
April 12, 2018

Social Security saw some changes in 2018. Americans who turn 62 in 2018 are required to delay claiming Social Security to receive the full benefit. As this age increases, Americans will see a sharper reduction in benefits by claiming earlier.


Cruising to Retirement
April 05, 2018

The opportunities for adventure during retirement adventure are limitless. Some choose a second home in a warmer climate, some go back to school, while some say “ahoy” and board a cruise ship – for good, or at least for months.


Demand for affordable housing is stronger than ever
April 03, 2018

Every multifamily capital source, from state housing authorities to tax-credit issuers to rating agencies to HUD to Government Sponsored Entities, defines affordable housing with its own twist.


Five Ways to Enhance Your Sense of Humor
March 28, 2018

As April Fool’s Day approaches, are you planning a practical joke? April Fool’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to spark some humor, which can decrease stress and build empathy. Following are tips for cultivating a great sense of humor.


Take Your Own Magical Mystery Tour
March 22, 2018

Do you crave adventure? It might be time for a “surprise” vacation, where you set parameters and an agency does the rest. These trips offer a chance to see something new, and a true sense of adventure.


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