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Avoiding Fraud and Scams During the COVID-19 Pandemic
May 26, 2020

If you have seen emails, texts or received calls or offers that seem too good to be true during the COVID-19 pandemic, they likely are. While many coming together to support others, fraudsters are increasingly attempting to take financial advantage.


HUD Business During a Pandemic
April 07, 2020

In times of crisis there also is opportunity, and the COVID-19 virus proves no exception. Interest rates for HUD-insured loans have fluctuated wildly over the past few weeks.


An Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
March 16, 2020

As news on the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold following the declaration of a national emergency, we wanted to stay in touch regarding key details as well as how we may assist you during this unprecedented time.


Prevention of Coronavirus
March 10, 2020

With coronavirus or COVID-19 spreading, awareness and concern continue to grow. No matter where you live or what your age, it is important to take steps toward protection. Read the following for simple steps you can take to prevent illness.


How to Cultivate a Green Thumb This Spring
March 03, 2020

Not everyone, however, is a natural-born gardener – it takes time and trial and error. If your previous efforts at growing plants and flowers, or fruits and vegetables, have been less-than fruitful, there is hope.


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