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How can we help create more income for you?

Because we work closely and individually with each client, we don’t have a pat answer for you. Our “entirement” approach begins by looking at your entire picture: your portfolio, your family, your lifestyle and your goals.

Individual portfolio evaluation

What are your current assets? How are they invested now? Are they positioned to help you earn the income you’ll need to fund the life you want to live? Our income advisors will provide an in-depth analysis of your current and anticipated financial situation.

Assessment of long-term goals

Where and how do you want to live in retirement? In your own home? In a retirement community? Do you anticipate needing the services provided by a long-term care facility or nursing home? Will you need to provide support to children and grandchildren? To your own parents? The answers to these and other questions help us get to know you and determine the type of planning that will work best for you.

Full portfolio management

We manage your portfolio to help generate the income you’ll need to fund the retirement lifestyle you are planning for. Our process is steady, deliberate and risk averse. Whether you’re investing for your retirement or your family’s future, we can find income producing areas for you that other firms may overlook.

Exclusive access to new bond issues

We believe that clients have an advantage when they invest in individual bonds rather than large bond funds. As an HJ Sims client, you’ll not only have access to the entire universe of income-generating offerings, you’ll also be able to take advange of issues that have been uniquely crafted by our specialists. Large institutions often wait in line for these same bonds—but as an HJ Sims client, you come first.

Retirement expertise, including pre-retirement planning and retirement income planning

With over 45 years of experience in financing and operating world-class senior living communities, we know what retirement looks like. And costs. Our expertise in funding, owning and operating a wide range of living arrangements makes us uniquely qualified to help you plan for your future.

Other services available to HJ Sims clients

Investment solutions

You’ll have access to a complete range of investment vehicles, including:

  • Tax-exempt and taxable bonds, both high-yield and investment grade
  • Individual stocks
  • Mutual funds from leading providers
  • Annuities and insurance
  • Money market funds
  • Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Alternative investments, including exchange traded funds (ETFs), structured products, unit investment trusts (UITs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), Commodity funds
Retirement solutions

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, we can help you find the retirement accounts that work best for you.

Individual retirement accounts

  • Brokerage IRA
  • Mutual fund-only IRA

Employer retirement plans

  • Employer sponsored qualified plans
  • Individual 401(k)
  • Self directed brokerage
Long term savings solutions

We’ll help you access tax-advantaged programs that enable you to save for education or health care expenses, including:

  • Education savings accounts
  • 529 plans
  • Health saving plans
Wealth management

We offer sophisticated guidance and services to help you effectively manage, grow and protect your wealth

  • Corporate executive services
  • Trust services
  • Donor-advised funds
Lending solutions

We can provide strategies to help you minimize taxes, improve cash flow and make the most of investment opportunities.

  • Purchasing power leverage
  • Securities based lending
  • Fully paid securities lending
  • Hedging and monetization
Cash management solutions

Whether you’re looking to enhance cash flow or maintain liquidity  we can provide the solutions you need.

  • Asset management account
  • Excess account protection
  • FDIC insured products
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