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Our advisors work closely and individually with each client, matching investments to meet their needs. So it’s no surprise that advisors frequently work with two or three generations of the same family. Or that clients are willing to recommend us to others.

I’ve always tried to be a prudent investor, looking for good returns. I started working with Sims when I retired 26 years ago and I’ve been a repeat customer ever since.

I’m on the board of an organization that focuses on care for the elderly, so I have an intrinsic interest in living arrangements for seniors. I also want reliable income in my lifetime. With Sims, I can invest in bonds that provide a good return and are helpful to society. The returns have been excellent. The quality of the support staff is excellent. The information on investments is superb and you always have somebody to talk to. I just find it a very satisfying experience. You cannot find their expertise or products easily anywhere else.

Richard S
HJ Sims client since 1985

When my Sims advisor recommends an investment, I know it’s because he believes in it.

I’m willing to buy higher yield bonds from Sims, despite the risk, because I know they’ve carefully analyzed the credit behind the bond. A couple of years ago, my parents had wandered into some bond investments that I wasn’t sure about. I suggested they give my Sims advisor a call. Now he takes care of their bond portfolio, too. I have confidence that he’s looking out for them. And we all have a better comfort level.

Barry S
HJ Sims client since 2002

My Sims advisor understands my risk tolerance and helps me limit risk by constantly monitoring the bonds in my portfolio.

My Sims’ advisor helps me find quality bonds that are consistent with my needs and risk tolerance. Most of all, he’s very attuned to any changes in status and advises me when to hold and when to sell to maximize potential gain and minimize loss. When we started working together, he helped me project my ideal cash flow. Now, the bonds he has recommended provide a solid source of monthly retirement income.

Charlie W.
HJ Sims client since 2002

I get confidence and peace of mind from knowing that my HJ Sims advisor understands how I feel about risk and recommends investments based on that.

When the stock market downturn occurred, shortly after my husband passed away in 2008, I became much more risk adverse concerning my investments. I appreciate the attentiveness of my HJ Sims advisor and his ability to “switch gears” as far as my goals were concerned. He takes an active role in helping me manage my bond portfolio. I rely on him to help me decide what to buy, what to keep and what to exchange; so I can not only preserve my money, but live on the income.

Rebecca Y.
HJ Sims client since 2004

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