Ruben Fernandez

Ruben C. Fernandez

Senior Vice President
Guaynabo, PR
(939) 399-0101

  • FINRA Registration: Series 7 and 24
  • Specializes in fixed income investing and tax credits

“I’m always looking out for the well being of my clients. No matter what the markets are doing, my clients know they can depend on me to tell them like it is and to help them find the best alternatives.”

Ruben got his start in the financial services industry in 1982, working in accounting and operations at Kidder Peabody. He soon realized that his true calling was to work directly with clients, helping them make the investment choices that were right for them.

Ruben’s specialty is fixed income investing, which accounts for 100% of his business. “Fixed income is very important to my clients. It’s what they’re comfortable with, because it pays a good dividend and enables them to live the lives they want to.”

Ruben is pleased with his association with HJ Sims. “Sims is a perfect fit for me,” he says. “The company is very dedicated to the fixed-income business. They also understand the Puerto Rico market and the needs of my clients.” Prior to Sims, Ruben worked at Paine Webber, Samuel Ramirez, and BBVA Securities.

To Ruben, communicating with clients is key: “Markets are constantly evolving and changing. That means you should always be in touch with your clients so you can help them stay diversified.”


Investment involve risk and the possible fluctuation of principal.

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