Nathan Krog

115 Wild Basin Rd, Suite 115
Austin, TX  78746
(512) 519-5009

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“I like to sink my teeth into anything I find interesting, in order to be the best version of myself.”

Based in HJ Sims’ Austin, TX office, Nathan Krog works as an Analyst in leveraged finance as part of the private lending group. Previously, Nathan was employed at Oracle as a Startup Accelerator Analyst, where he participated in due  diligence and projections-based projects to determine how technology start-ups would align within Oracle’s technology stack. Nathan also served as an intern for McGowan Group Asset Management in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as for Ovation Partners.

From his youth into his working adulthood, Nathan was exposed to the financial world via his mother, who worked on a trading floor in Houston. He had the unique experience of attending stock-trading camp as a child, winning a  competition among 50 peers. While at camp, Nathan was privy to intensive lectures and seminars, helping foster his growing interest in the world of finance and developing skills at an early age. Nathan likes to sink his teeth into anything that interests him, and hone his abilities until he is the best version of himself.

Nathan attended Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas, and subsequently earned a corporate finance undergraduate degree and an accounting minor concentration from the University of Texas. He also studied abroad at the  London School of Economics in England, through the University of Texas. While at college, Nathan had a professor/mentor; this mentorship solidified his interest in finance and led to his focus on investment banking. Nathan was also the recipient of the GPA Scholarship via Phi Kappa Psi and earned University Honors for several semesters. Additional activities and societies include National Merit Commended Scholar, AP Scholar with Honors, Spanish Honors Society and Varsity Basketball. In his Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Nathan served as Pledge Class President, Scholarship Chair for the Finance Committee, Rush Captain and Treasurer. Nathan participated on the University Securities Investment team, helping with financial analysis and investment plans. He was part of the University of Texas Silver Spurs, serving as a Rowel Trainer, doing community service work in their neighborhood Longhorn program. As well, Nathan  attended the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School and American Leadership Academy, where he engaged with lecturers to develop group leadership skills.

At HJ Sims, Nathan enjoys contributing to underwriting projects and learning the intricate steps of the financing process. Being numbers-oriented, his favorite role is crafting financial models – he views it as creating a story.

Standing at 6’- 6”, Nathan is sure to stand out in a crowd! However, he is also set apart on the team by being the sole analyst in the private lending group to dive into everything from recapitalization financings to due diligence and intake memos – the complete financing cycle.

Nathan was raised in Dallas before moving to Austin. Growing up, he had a Bichon Frise dog and a Ragdoll cat. Currently, he has two white rabbits named Thumper and Bambi. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys being active and spending time with friends. He plays basketball and is a member of a boxing gym. Living in Austin offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including one of Nathan’s favorites – visiting natural springs.


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