Leslie Goodman

Executive Vice President
Boca Raton, FL
(866) 620-2132

  • Specialties: Taxable and non-taxable fixed income

“You need to put your clients’ needs first and look at every investment to see what’s right for them.”

It was Les Goodman’s dream to leverage his ability to interpret numbers into a career as a sports statistician. What may have been a loss for sports team owners has been certainly been a gain for Les’s fixed-income clients.

Les’s talent with numbers enables him to look understand investments and recommend what he believes is best for each client’s needs.  Thanks to the expertise at HJ Sims, Les’s clients are able to generate income they can count on. In fact, they can usually generate more real income, relative to the risk they are willing to take, than with other investments like equities and mutual funds.

While Les can help his clients take advantage of the most innovative bond structures, he’s a stickler for genuine old fashioned, person-to-person communication. He also tells it as he sees it: “it’s smarter to invest in individual bonds as opposed to bond funds.”


Investments involve risk and the possible fluctuation of principal.

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