John Moran

Financial Advisor
Boca Raton, FL
561-620-2166 / toll free 855-305-0504

  • FINRA Registration and other credentials: 7 and 66. State of Florida 215 Insurance (life, health, annuity, LTC.)
  • Specializes in: Municipal bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, income portfolios, retirement income planning.
  • Years of Experience: 26

“I provide a very simple and special solution for each of my clients. Together we construct and manage a bond portfolio that earns and compounds income every day.”

John began his career as a corporate and real estate attorney in Chicago, IL where he developed a solid analytical approach to mortgage and corporate finance transactions. These skills were essential to his transition as an income investment consultant in 1982. John has worked successfully with institutional investors, individuals and families to help them manage bond investments across all sectors, including municipal, corporate and mortgage backed bonds. “I like being able to help people earn more income to help finance their needs and lifestyles.” he says.

John believes in doing his homework to build a solid understanding of the financial performance of bond markets and issuers. But to him, it’s even more important to gain a deep knowledge of his clients’ objectives, needs, and expectations for income and return. He uses this approach to build reliable income portfolios for his clients that optimize the blend of interest rate and credit risk appropriate for each client. “This first thing I ask a clients is, ‘Are you happy with your current investments? Are you earning the steady, reliable income you need?’ Then I can show them how my expertise fits into what they want.”


Investments involve risk and the possible fluctuation of principal.

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