Gayl A. Mileszko

Director of Capital Markets Research
Boston, MA

Gayl Mileszko is the chief analyst at Braintree Capital Partners, the Boston-based municipal bond investment advisory firm which became a subsidiary of HJ Sims Capital Management Inc. in 2011. She previously served on the board of the Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority, as Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Labor, and on the executive staff of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Gayl was associated for twelve years with Tucker Anthony in its public finance banking and fixed income divisions, and served for five years in Washington as a member of the staff of the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations.

A co-founder of Braintree Capital Partners and its private investment fund, Gayl continues to serve as its chief operating officer. A member of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts and the Boston Municipal Analysts Forum, she holds a B.A. from Yale College in political science with an interdisciplinary concentration in international relations.


Investments involve risk and the possible fluctuation of principal.

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