Sims Mortgage Funding, Inc.

Established in 1984, Sims Mortgage Funding, Inc. (SMF) specializes in originating mortgage loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) for healthcare, senior housing, multifamily rental and hospital projects. SMF has completed $1.6 billion in HUD-insured financings throughout their 30-year history.

Through HUD Plus, a program offered exclusively through HJ Sims, we are able to increase the leverage on a healthcare transaction beyond the standard 80% loan to value through the issuance of secondary financing structured in accordance with HUD’s requirements. The secondary financing is raised by HJ Sims through the sale of subordinate bonds to investors via private placements. Therefore, clints can leverage up to 92.5% of the market value of a healthcare projet with HUD-approved secondary financing through HUD Plus.

We are an approved lender under the following the programs:

  • FHA’s LEAN program for skilled nursing, assisted living and specialized use facilities;
  • Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) program for market-rate and subsidized rental housing;
  • Office of Hospital Programs (OHP) for hospital transactions;
  • Traditional Application Processing (TAP) program for rental housing not covered under MAP.

Through these programs, we originate, process, underwrite and fund loans for construction, rehabilitation, expansion, acquisition, and refinancing of existing debt.

In addition, SMF arranges loan funding through the sale of GNMA Mortgage Backed Securities or tax-exempt bonds underwritten by HJ Sims.  We also provide consulting and financial advisory services to borrowers with respect to construction loan servicing, asset management, debt restructuring, mortgage note modifications, and tax-exempt bond financing.

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