Weekly Market Commentary

March 31, 2015

Stock market indices fell by more than 2% last week as Saudi Arabia began airstrikes against rebel forces in Yemen, Iran nuclear talks intensified and the dollar continued to outmuscle other currencies.


March 24, 2015

The municipal bond calendar this week totals $10 billion, another in a continuing a series of above-average, new-normal highs as refinancings proceed apace.


March 17, 2015

The financial markets have been gearing up for Wednesday’s press conference by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.  Traders are focused on one word, breathless to know whether patience will be deleted from the lexicon of the Federal Open Market Committee.


March 10, 2015

The splash and clash of economic news set the pace and direction of the markets throughout last week’s trading, most clearly in the case of Friday’s surprising jobs report which made both stocks and bonds plunge.


March 04, 2015

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s appearance before the House and Senate was the principal focus of the financial markets last week.  Her semiannual monetary policy report could hardly be distinguished from previous ones as it portrayed the U.S. job market as gaining strength, inflation as being low, and the Fed as remaining patient.


February 17, 2015

Arctic air has just about everyone east of the Rockies shivering, so we eagerly await the start of our senior living conference next week in warm and sunny Carlsbad, California.

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