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Accredited Investors: Private Debt Placements May Help Provide Superior Returns
September 22, 2016

Quality developers with solid history who need to raise capital are increasingly bypassing Wall Street investment bankers and traditional lenders and turning to the private placement market.


Election Season – What Will Happen at HUD in 2017?
September 20, 2016

Sims Mortgage Funding is in the FHA-insured loan, not political prognostication, business. However, FHA multifamily and healthcare mortgage insurance is a government program administered through HUD.


Getting Mom or Dad Started with Social Media
September 16, 2016

You may be familiar with social media and how it helps to quickly connect us to others. But, your elderly relatives may not be familiar with social media—this article from LeadingAge will serve as an introduction.


Part 2 – Financial Hiccups: Behavioral Economics – Avoiding the Irrational Side of Investing
September 01, 2016

If to err is human, then to behave irrationally is doubly so. In hindsight, we may question our decisions about investments. Many of those strange actions can be explained by everyday behavioral traits.


The Best Places to Retire and the Top Five Tips for Creating the Perfect Post-retirement Lifestyle
August 18, 2016

For good reason, financial plans are the centerpiece of most people’s retirement plans. Once your finances are organized, it is time to focus on the best locale for your retirement. Here are a few considerations.


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