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The Best Places to Retire and the Top Five Tips for Creating the Perfect Post-retirement Lifestyle
August 18, 2016

For good reason, financial plans are the centerpiece of most people’s retirement plans. Once your finances are organized, it is time to focus on the best locale for your retirement. Here are a few considerations.


HUD Changes – Increased Valuations & Processing Speed
August 17, 2016

In June and July, Sims Mortgage Funding participated in national conferences highlighting two important HUD initiatives: healthcare lending under the LEAN Section 232/223(f) program and affordable housing development and preservation.


Financial Hiccups that Can Hurt Your Bank Account – And Why They Occur (Part 1)
August 10, 2016

People do not always behave like traditional economists predict. However, a newer type of economics theory, called behavior economics is an approach that discusses the psychology of people and decision making around money.


The Oldest: The Keys to Living (Extremely) Longer and Stronger
August 04, 2016

Scientists around the world are closely studying supercentenarians, people who live to be older than 110 years old, in order to isolate the factors that result in longer, healthier lives.


Why Do Interest Rates Remain So Low?
August 02, 2016

Nobody knows for sure, but two interesting articles on Bloomberg shed some light. First, Mohamed A. El-Erian points to the contradiction of relatively robust U.S. consumer spending but weak economic growth.


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