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A Study of Modern Grandparents: New Images, Roles & Reach
August 27, 2015

Many are more involved on a daily basis in their grandchildren’s lives. Many are more connected – even if through technology alone – than previous generations.


Retirement Around the World: A Global View of Post-Work Life
August 20, 2015

Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are the top three most desirable countries in which to grow older, according to the 2014 Global AgeWatch Index, compiled by HelpAge International.


Leaving a Legacy Beyond Your Bank Statement
August 13, 2015

The money piece is actually rather easy to quantify. It is much harder to quantify, much less preserve, a legacy when it comes to things like family history, photographs, and digital assets such as blogs, social media accounts, Pandora stations, and more.


Puerto Rico’s Default Update: Public Finance Corporation
August 06, 2015

Puerto Rico’s elected and appointed leadership is “disingenuous”. It’s unwillingness to repay validly issued debt is unacceptable to investors.


FAF, GASB, GASAC: They All Add Up
July 28, 2015

Standardized accounting rules get little attention, but they are a discipline which prevents widespread fraud and chicanery for tax-exempt bond issuers.

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