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Preparing for the Greatest Wealth Transfer: What Boomers Need to Know
April 23, 2015

The “greatest wealth transfer” is currently underway as boomers are seeking the most prudent ways to pass along their wealth to their heirs while minimizing their tax burden.


Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Coming To A Head In The Next 2 Months
April 16, 2015

Major Puerto Rico bond developments now occurring on a weekly and even a daily basis, resulting in bond price volatility for Puerto Rico debt.


Assured Guaranty’s Purchase of Radian Results in Sizeable Upgrades
April 09, 2015

The magnitude of the upgrades on Radian insured bond issues caught some investors by surprise, despite the announcement of a proposed merger of Radian and Assured Guaranty in December.


Something To Think About For Your Heirs
April 01, 2015

Are you looking for maximum income during your lifetime without concern of the value of your bonds for your heirs? Here’s an investment strategy worthy of your consideration.


Bond Ratings and Recovery of your Original Investment
March 26, 2015

Although timely payments on your bonds is important, the eventual recovery of your principal is also of paramount importance, especially in a bond default situation.

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