Sims Insights

Why You Should Get Creative
February 23, 2017

People who get creative and immerse themselves in art activities or classes tend to show improved interaction between regions of the brain associated with cognitive processes like introspection, self-monitoring and memory.


Planning for Your Next Big Purchase
February 16, 2017

Whether it is a vacation home, luxury vehicle or a trip around the globe, planning for your next big purchase involves determining how you will pay for that purchase and what your ultimate goals are.


Tips for Managing a Sizable Inheritance
February 09, 2017

While many people dream of winning the lottery, receiving a sudden financial windfall or inheritance can be more challenging than you might expect.


New LEAN Handbook Finalized
February 07, 2017

The new LEAN Healthcare Handbook became effective January 19th. The good news is that many of the favorable provisions that HUD included in the draft Handbook – which we first reported in June – are now official.


Living Longer and Living Better after Retirement
February 02, 2017

Despite a slight dip in life expectancy in 2015, Americans are still living long lives. The challenges of a ripe old age can include health, finances, social isolation, emotional wellness and more.


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