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Getting Back to Work: The Best Fields and Job Opportunities for Seniors
March 24, 2017

More seniors are choosing to work longer or find bridge jobs between a career and retirement. Likewise, older Americans are now spending more time working part or full time.


Speed Friending Helps Seniors Make New Friends in Minutes
March 17, 2017

Seniors are finding opportunities to get to make friends in a matter of minutes through “Speed Friending”, a new concept that gives people a chance to make new friends and develop new connections.


Spring Cleaning for Your Financial House
March 08, 2017

Daylight Savings Time and spring are both approaching, along with the urge for some spring cleaning and a fresh start. In addition to organizing your closets, a new season presents a perfect opportunity for financial spring cleaning.


Senior Housing Helps Propel Construction Rebound
March 02, 2017

After a slow 2016, new construction activity is picking up and that means more demand for investment capital in the future. That is great news for investors; read more.


Why You Should Get Creative
February 23, 2017

People who get creative and immerse themselves in art activities or classes tend to show improved interaction between regions of the brain associated with cognitive processes like introspection, self-monitoring and memory.


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