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Direct Investing In Municipal Bonds
November 19, 2015

Some advisors recommend that investors looking for tax-free income should consider investing in bond funds, because of the safety that a diverse portfolio of bonds can provide, as well as the availability of liquidity through fund redemptions.


How To Diversify And Improve Your Bond Portfolio Easily And Safely
November 12, 2015

In these troubled and tumultuous times, investors need to regroup and review their investment holdings for diversification. The best defense against bond losses in a volatile market is a diversified portfolio.


Making the Most of Your Holiday Traditions
November 05, 2015

Over the next few weeks, millions of Americans will be getting ready for their annual holiday festivities. Regardless of who’s doing the planning, you can be sure it will involve plenty of family traditions.


The Relevance of Municipal Bond Insurance Going Forward
October 29, 2015

While 50% market share by private insurers may never recur in our lifetimes, make no mistake – the insurers are alive and kicking, and growing every day.


Fitch Ratings Median Ratios for Nonprofit CCRCs (2015)
October 27, 2015

On September 16th, Fitch Ratings published “2015 Median Ratios for Nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)” (the “Special Report”), reporting their median ratios for the sector.

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