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Are You Paying Too Much For Bond Liquidity You Don’t Need?
June 23, 2016

Liquidity is a good thing and it has value. But, the ability to cheaply and easily convert an investment into cash often comes at a steep price. Read further to learn more about liquidity.


Cutting Edge Cuisine for Mature Taste Buds: How to Stimulate Your Taste Buds
June 15, 2016

As we age, two curious traits develop. We increase our appreciation for good eating, but our senses of taste and smell begin to taper. Discover how to stimulate your taste buds with cutting edge cuisine!


What to Know, What to Ask When It Comes to Joint Replacement
June 08, 2016

Joint replacement is a scientific study of bionics, a study of systems that function as part of a living organism. New joints are manufactured from plastic, metal, ceramic, or a blend to mimic natural joint’s movement.


Big Improvements in HUD Health Care Financing
May 21, 2016

Regular readers of the Capital Market Update might have noticed that recent articles on HUD were about improvements to the multifamily mortgage insurance programs, such as lower mortgage insurance premiums.


Being prepared for an unexpected financial emergency and preserving your retirement plan
May 26, 2016

Anyone is at risk for a financial emergency, like an unexpected legal or medical expense; when these issues arise closer to retirement, your plan can be thrown into chaos – it’s best to be prepared.


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