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New Creditor Plan for Paying PREPA Bonds Benefits Only Aggressive Investors
July 23, 2015

Traditional Puerto Rico investors would suffer losses from this new “Bondholder Committee” plan, but opportunistic investors may see substantial profits from “buying PREPA cheap” after June 2014.


Puerto Rico Prepares to Default on Debt
July 16, 2015

Dishonoring appropriation debt cripples Puerto Rico’s “faith & credit”. Puerto Rico’s GDB Provides No Guidance for Debt Restructuring. Failure to honor Public Finance Authority Debt Would Be Viewed as “Formal Unwillingness” to repay investors.


Investor Fears Drive Growth for Municipal Bond Insurers
July 09, 2015

While the 2008 Financial Crisis sullied their reputation, demand will increase for insurance protection. Their new role: Bond Insurers are now “power brokers” in distressed situations.


Puerto Rico Pays In Full On July 1st
July 01, 2015

All eyes in the muni market remain focused on Puerto Rico, as recent developments have increased the likelihood of debt restructuring and driven prices down across the board for all Puerto Rico bonds.


Long Term Financial Management & Investor Relations
June 25, 2015

Governmental management of Puerto Rico can learn a great deal from past local government financial crises 1975-1992. Vitamins, chicken soup, antibiotics or surgery are the options.

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