HJ Sims’ unrivaled experience in managing, underwriting, marketing and distributing bonds enables us to guide clients through the process with ease and without surprise.

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Investment-grade ratings

We are proud to be leaders in obtaining investment-grade ratings for our clients. Our bankers and credit analysis director are in constant touch with the rating agencies and have assisted them in developing their credit criteria.

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Credit enhancement and loans

HJ Sims has strong relationships with a wide range of lenders. This helps to assure we can offer the most attractive form of credit enhancement or loans with the best possible terms. These include loans and letters of credit provided by banks, surety bonds provided by insurance companies and FHA mortgage insurance through government financing programs.

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Seed money

Providing clients with much-needed development funding is a unique feature of HJ Sims in our role as a full service investment banker.

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At HJ Sims, we are dedicated to providing access to the private equity market for our clients. Equity is available for expansion, acquisition and buyout of growth opportunities. We provide equity financing from private investors and equity funds on joint venture, preferred and co-investment bases.

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Mezzanine and subordinate loan financing

With subordinate financing, many of our clients appreciate increased leverage and lower recourse requirements. With lower recourse requirements, clients can deploy their resources to more projects more quickly, or monetize their equity in existing projects.

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FHA loans

Sims Mortgage Funding, Inc. has specialized in originating FHA-insured loans for hospitals, long-term care, assisted living, senior housing and multifamily projects since 1984.

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