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Tax Exempt Municipal Bond


Yield To Maturity

NJ Eco Dev Auth
United Methodist Homes Retirement

  • 4.00% Coupon
  • 3.46% Yield To Call 07/01/2023 @ 100
  • $103.875 Price

Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond


Yield to Maturity

Florida St Brd of Governors
Univ of Central FL Dorm Revenue

  • 3.00% Coupon
  • 2.35% Yield to Call
  • $103.994 Price

Tax Exempt Municipal Bond


Yield to Maturity

City of Palm Bay, Florida
Riverview Proj. Subordinate Debt

  • $100 Price
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City of Palm Bay, Florida (The Riverview Project)      Series 2014 B Subordinate Debt                                                                                                                    8.50% 01/01/2040    Not Rated    priced at PAR   $25,000 minimum investment
Expertise in Public Finance is one of the things that sets HJ Sims apart from the competition. Our bankers make it possible for us to offer high-income investment opportunities to our clients.  These bonds are subordinate to the City of Palm Bay, Florida Series A bonds, but they are secured by the same first mortgage.  They also offer a 10 year put option.  This is a protective feature that allows the holder the option, under certain conditions, to redeem his or her bonds at PAR in 10 years, or to receive a reset rate to reflect market conditions at the time of the put. This feature is very protective in a rising rate environment.  The bonds will pay 8.50% tax exempt interest, which calculates to 11.33% on a taxable equivalent basis. These bonds are subject to certain risks and may not be suitable for all investors.  Please read the Preliminary Official Statement and speak to your representative before making an investment decision.

Subject to change in price, terms and availability based on market conditions. Contact an HJ Sims Income Advisor for a Preliminary Official Statement. We are currently accepting indications of interest. This is not an offer to sell. Such an offering can only be made by the Preliminary Official Statement, which describes the terms and conditions of the 2014 bonds. Investments involve risk including the possible fluctuation of principal. Interest from municipal bonds is typically exempt from federal income tax.                                                                                                                                          
Owned and offered in the secondary market. Subject to change in price and availability. Interest in municipal bonds is typically exempt from federal tax. Some bonds may be subject to the Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT). State tax-exemption typically applies if securities are issued within one’s state of residence and local tax-exemption typically applies if securities are issued within one’s city of residence.

The material presented here is for information purposes only and is not to be considered an offer to buy or sell any security. Commentary is prepared from sources believed to be reliable but it is not guaranteed as to accuracy and it is not a complete summary or statement of all available data. Information and opinions are current up to the date of publication and are subject to change without notice. The purchase and sale of securities should be conducted on an individual basis considering the risk tolerance and investment objective of each investor and with the advice and counsel of a professional advisor. All investments involve risk and may result in a loss of principal. Investors should carefully consider their own circumstances before making any investment decision.
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